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Amy W. Verified Seller
“JiffyNest® bought my house for $331,000 with the tenants!”
George R. Verified Seller
“Truly amazing! I got a great offer of $712,000 and we didn’t do a single repair.”
Kathy S. Verified Seller

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JiffyNest® will buy any house directly from you! We do all the paperwork, we pay escrow and title fees, you pick your own closing date, if you need to stay in your home a few days past the closing date you can, and we provide dedicated support throughout the entire process.

Zero Fees

Zero Commissions

Zero Showings

Zero Repairs

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Our offers are constantly changing with the market. Get your Zero-Obligation offer today!

Sell & Stay Option

✔ You’ve Got Options

JiffyNest® offers homeowners two great selling options. You can sell now & move out OR sell & stay rent free. When you sell & stay rent free, you can get up to 80% of your home’s value.

✔ Sign, Close, and Get Your Cash

After the Purchase Agreement to buy your home is executed, JiffyNest® buys your house on the day you chose. At the completion of the closing process, your home is sold to JiffyNest®, you stay in the property rent free for the agreed upon timeframe and you will receive your cash.

✔ Stay Rent Free

You stay in the home rent free while deciding on your next steps. At any point during your stay, you can repurchase the property for a small fee. There are no fees if you leave.

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