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This is Selling Simplified.

What We Buy

Tenant Occupied

We buy houses that are tenant occupied. Now is a great time to cash out on your investment. Whether you are tired of being a landlord or have bad tenants, JiffyNest® will buy your house. Bad tenants can get behind on rent, hold rent back for repairs, not take proper care of your house or even destroy your house. Don’t let bad tenants get in the way of a good investment. Sell to JiffyNest® today!

Fixer Upper

JiffyNest® will buy your fixer upper house absolutely hassle-free. Fixer uppers can be houses that need significant remodeling and could have one or more of these issues: foundation issues, termite infestation, water damage, mold issues, property abandonment, squatter issues, fire damage and much more. We even buy Hoarder Houses and we will take care of any extra stuff you do not want. JiffyNest® is here for all your selling needs.

Inherited Property

At JiffyNest®, we specialize in purchasing inherited property and we have extensive experience purchasing houses in probate. The experts at JiffyNest® have purchased many properties directly from trustees, executors, administrators and beneficiaries. JiffyNest® makes it easy to handle sensitive family matters while dealing with your family’s estate, will, or trust. We simplify the selling process by working directly with you. Call us today 1-888-995-9655.


What does JiffyNest® consider as outdated? An outdated house usually is very well kept, but has not been upgraded to current market standards. For instance, if your house was built in 1983 and has the original kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, etc from when it was built, then your house would be considered outdated. JiffyNest® will buy any house even if it is a bit outdated. To see what we’ll offer give us a call today 1-888-995-9655.


Multi-Family houses come in all shapes and sizes. A multi-family property can range from a duplex or triplex to a multi-unit apartment building. JiffyNest® buys and holds many properties for rental purposes and we would love to buy your multi-family property. JiffyNest® is always looking for a great Multi-Family investment. Sell your property to JiffyNest® today and get your money any day you choose.


A remodeled house is a property that has been completely upgraded within the last few years. JiffyNest® offers homeowners the ability to avoid all the hassles of selling a house traditionally. When you sell directly to JiffyNest®, you are able to skip the hassles of open houses, never-ending listings, lengthy loan approvals, constant showings, repairs and much more. Sell to JiffyNest® today and get a fair price now!

Hiring Local
We hire local businesses to improve & maintain our properties.
Increasing Value
JiffyNest® buys, rents and remodels houses, increasing local property values.
Affordable Living
We supply rentals to local residents throughout the country.