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Selling Conveniently: Priceless

Zero Fees, Zero Commissions, Zero-Obligations.

A truly hassle-free selling experience.

Over the years, JiffyNest® has worked with thousands of home owners nationwide. When we buy your house, we always guarantee a simple and hassle free transaction. You will get a dedicated support team that works with you from beginning to end. You can save thousands when you sell your home directly to JiffyNest® today.

Sell Direct

Sell your home directly
to JiffyNest®.

Hassle Free

Skip all the hassles
of selling traditionally.

Dedicated Support

Get your own team
from start to finish.

Early Bird Special

Get a portion of your money before the close of escrow. It is always much easier to move with some extra cash in your pocket. You can have money in your pocket in as little as 3 days after accepting our offer. Just let JiffyNest® know and the money is yours.

Sell for the best price without all the fees!

The JiffyNest® Advantage
We pay half of title & escrow
Sell the day of your choice
Dedicated professional support
Flexible moving dates
Early Bird Special

Selling Traditionally
You pay title & escrow
Average 6% Realtor Fees
Constant showings
Home must be lender approved
Negotiations & uncertainty