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We’re very excited to buy your house, but we need to check a few things out before we close. We hire an independent, third party, inspector (at no cost to you) to identify any items that may need repair, replacement or aren’t code compliant. Our inspections only take up to 2 hours. If an interior inspection can not be done, we can always work something out.

Scheduling The Inspection

JiffyNest® works around your schedule. Shortly after signing our purchase agreement, your dedicated JiffyNest® Home Buyer will contact you to schedule a date and time that works best for you. Your dedicated JiffyNest® Home Buyer will be with you every step of the transaction.

Inspection Day

JiffyNest® greatly appreciates the opportunity to inspect your property. An independent home inspector, your dedicated JiffyNest® Home Buyer or both will arrive at your house on the date and time agreed upon. We will take a look at every part of your house, including the roof, crawl spaces, basement, attic and outdoor areas. To get a better understanding of our future investment, we will look for any items that may need repair and verify any property enhancements, such as a pool, tennis court, view, etc.

After The Inspection

After the third party inspector provides us his findings, we will quickly review it and your dedicated JiffyNest® Home Buyer will contact you. These inspections typically go very smoothly, but in the case the inspector finds some unforeseen issues with the property, we will have an open and honest discussion about how we will move forward. JiffyNest® always finds a way to buy every house no matter if there are issues with property.

In The Case We Cannot Perform An Interior Inspection.

There are situations when an interior inspection is challenging or not possible for many reasons. For instance, trouble tenants or overcrowding can make interior inspections challenging. In these rare cases, JiffyNest® is still very interested in buying your home and your dedicated JiffyNest® Home Buyer will provide you with a couple options. Every situation is unique, which means these options will vary per situation. Most importantly, JiffyNest® will always find a way to buy your house.

Sell for the best price without all the fees!

The JiffyNest® Advantage
We pay half of title & escrow
Sell the day of your choice
Dedicated professional support
Flexible moving dates
Early Bird Special

Selling Traditionally
You pay title & escrow
Average 6% Realtor Fees
Constant showings
Home must be lender approved
Negotiations & uncertainty