How Is A Price Determined? – JiffyNest

JiffyNest® gives you the freedom to sell better.

How Is A Price Determined?

Calculating your home’s value.

JiffyNest® is a technology driven home buying company with a mission to get you our top purchase price. We analyze your property’s location, condition, nearby comparable sales, potential rents, and much more.

Calculating property value

Weighing the Pros & Cons

What makes a property more valuable then the next?
Increase Value
Large usable lot
Beautiful View
Great Schools
Recently Remodeled
Curb Appeal
New HVAC System
New Roof
Decrease Value
On or Near Busy street
Bad neighbors or tenants
Unusable lot
Major Repairs
No curb Appeal
High Crime Area
Commercial Neighbors

Sell for the best price without all the fees!

The JiffyNest® Advantage
We pay half of title & escrow
Sell the day of your choice
Dedicated professional support
Flexible moving dates
Early Bird Special

Selling Traditionally
You pay title & escrow
Average 6% Realtor Fees
Constant showings
Home must be lender approved
Negotiations & uncertainty