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JiffyNest® gives you the freedom to sell better

How Much Do I Get?
Sean A.
JiffyNest® Employee

Zero Fees, Zero Commissions, Zero Headaches.

Everything’s free when you sell your house directly to JiffyNest®. We offer complete transparency with zero fees, zero commissions and zero headaches. JiffyNest® is completely licensed, monitored by the department of Real Estate and ready to buy your house free of charge.

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How Does JiffyNest® Compare?

Selling Fees
Realtor Commisions
Repairs & Remodeling
Days on Market
Traditional Sale
$5,000 – $75,000+

Total Cost To You**
$37,000 – $107,000+
**based on the average costs of $400,000 sale price

Sell for the best price without all the fees!

The JiffyNest® Advantage
We pay half of title & escrow
Sell the day of your choice
Dedicated professional support
Flexible moving dates
Early Bird Special

Selling Traditionally
You pay title & escrow
Average 6% Realtor Fees
Constant showings
Home must be lender approved
Negotiations & uncertainty